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Our agency was established in 2018 as a citizenship and immigration consultancy firm licensed by The Canadian Government and The College of Immigrationand Citizenship Consultants CCIC (license number # R527143).

We helped many families apply and immigrate to Canada, and have demonstrated the ability to ensure our clients avoid any legal issues that may occur concerning their relocation.

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Meet your consultants

Mohamed Serieh. RCIC-IRB and Commissioner of Oaths.

As a seasoned Canadian Immigration Consultant and Commissioner of Oaths in Ontario, Mohamed brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Over the years, he has developed a solid and proven track record of helping individuals and families navigate the complex Canadian immigration system with ease and success.

Mohamed’s areas of specialization include family sponsorship, refugee applications, study visas, and various other immigration matters. He deeply understands immigration policies, regulations, and procedures and leverages this knowledge to provide personalized and effective immigration solutions to his clients.

With his meticulous attention to detail, exceptional communication skills, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Mohamed helped countless individuals and families achieve their immigration goals and start a new chapter of their lives in Canada. Whether you are looking to reunite with your loved ones, seek asylum, or pursue your academic dreams, Mohamed is here to guide you every step of the way.

Nancy Jaber. Case officer

Nancy Jaber is a highly skilled Case Officer with over five years of experience in processing various types of visa applications in Canada, including study, visitor, work, and refugee processing files. She possesses a thorough knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, policies, and procedures, as well as strong analytical skills and attention to detail. 

Nancy is a dedicated and detail-oriented individual with a passion for helping people navigate the complex and ever-changing world of immigration. She is an excellent and highly skilled and experienced Case Officer with a commitment to providing high-quality service to applicants and stakeholders


Our Price Table

Immigration Consultation

Consulting with our expert will enable you to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the immigration process. Every individual is in a different situation and discussing the issues with the Immigration Consultants followed by their advice will increase the change of success on your visa applications. Raise queries to the Immigration Consultant to eliminate all your concerns and get a clear picture of the entire scenario laying ahead of you.

Consultant fee:

USD 150 for one hour and USD 80 for half an hour.

Refugee Claim

Refugee claim can be made inside Canada due to a well-founded fear of any harm, punishment or torture. Also the refugee claim can be made at any entry port of Canada or any of the inland offices during the admissibility or administrative hearing process until a removal order is passed
Judicial review is carried out after the application is submitted by panel or immigration officers; refusal of an application is advised in writing to the claimant. An application for leave and judicial review can be filed within a period of fifteen days from the date of the refusal from the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), Refugee Protection Division (RPD) or within sixty days of receiving the refusal letter from any Canadian visa office abroad.

Refugee Case Fees: CAD 5,000
Refugee Appeal Fees: CAD 6,000

Study of Visitor Visa

For people who wish to visit, study or work temporarily in Canada, Canadian Government issues travel permits and visas. An application prepared with the assessment of licensed consultants can make a big difference on the approval.
We can represent you before Citizenship and Immigration Canada to process any type of visa.We serve clients throughout Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Québec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. Save time and money. Call us (contact page) or send us a message to discuss your case.

Study or Visitor Visa Fee:

CAD 950

Study Admission

At Gatepass we offer an unparalleled array of academic opportunities and experiences. Find out about Canadian universities and colleges’ admission requirements and what you will need to present based on your academic background. Learn about specific program requirements, English language requirements, transfer credit information, and important application dates and deadlines.

Study admission for one college or university: CAD 1200.
Additional admission: CAD 200.

Business Visa

The Entrepreneur Program seeks to attract people with business experience who have the intention and ability to actively manage a Canadian business that will positively impact the Canadian economy and create employment opportunities for Canadian residents.
As a qualified Entrepreneur, you and your immediate family can obtain Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visas under the Federal Program (applicants intending to reside anywhere in Canada, except Quebec). The Entrepreneur Program requires you to establish or acquire a percentage of equity (at least 33.33%) in a qualifying Canadian business that you must actively manage. Your business must create at least one new job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Entrepreneurs are persons who have successful experience starting and running their own business. The Canadian government encourages people with these business skills to immigrate to Canada. This is a way to obtain Canadian permanent residence both for the entrepreneur applicant and his or her family, including any spouse and children under the age of 22.

Fees for the Business Application: CAD 8,000

Family Sponsorship

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are both able to sponsor family members living abroad for PR in Canada.
There are two processes that can be used to sponsor a family member: inland (In-Canada Class) Sponsorship and overseas (Family Class) Sponsorship.

The inland process is to apply for permanent residence for family members who are already physically present in Canada, such as a visitor or someone on a work permit. The inland process can also be used to sponsor someone who is in Canada without status (illegally).
The overseas process is used to obtain permanent residence for family members who are not physically present in Canada.

Fees for the Family Sponsorship Application: CAD 1,900 (spousal application).

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